Kim Bowman MS, CNS

Kim is a two-time olympic trials qualifier, published researcher, and clinical nutrition practitioner with over 6 years of consulting experience. Kim grew up in Vancouver, BC and started her academic and athletic career at the Ohio State University as a member of their Division 1 Swimming team. She completed an undergraduate degree in health science (BHSc) and a master's of science (MS) in nutrition and physiology at the University of British Columbia. Her peer-reviewed, published MS research was done in affiliation with the Canadian Women's National Soccer team prior to the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup of Soccer. Kim has been a nutrition consultant and physiologist for Swimming Canada, Soccer Canada and now has over 40 online publications with features in Men's Health, Daily Mail UK, and Women's Fitness. Kim specializes in intermittent fasting nutrition programs for weight loss, gut/digestive balance, inflammation, blood sugar balance, and sleep and energy restoration.

My mission

Utilize virtual nutrition consulting to improve nutrition education & make quality food more affordable and accessible on a global-scale.

Publications and Academic Appearances

Frontiers in Sports & Active Living Sec. Elite Sports and Performance Enhancement, 116. The Efficacyof Heat Acclimatization Pre-World Cup in Female Soccer Players. 2021

Guest Lecturer. Bioenergetics. The Physiological Challenge of Exercise in Extreme Heat. The University of British Columbia (2018).

Guest Presenter. SPIN Sport Science Conference, Own the Podium. Toronto (2015).

Nutrition Science Contractor. National Hockey League, Vancouver (2014)

+40 media publications & contributions including:

Men’s Health Australia. The difference between good and bad cholesterol. (2022)

Daily Mail UK. The secret to your dream body. (2021)

AUGUSTMAN. Maximise Your Fitness Goals With This Essential Nutrition Guide. (2021)

Express UK. Will a calorie deficit help me lose weight? (2021)

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