Kim Bowman

1-Month Comprehensive Nutrition Program

$499.00 USD


Step 1 - Initial Intake Consultation

During a 45-min Initial Intake Consultation, we'll review: 

1. Current health goals, lifestyle, eating pattern, and nutritional concerns. 

2. Health and lifestyle protocols/interventions that support your long-term goals.

3. Review former lab results and discuss options for further assessment. 

What is your goal? Weight loss, hormonal health, lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar, gut/digestive health, reduce systemic inflammation, improve sleep and/ energy, increase lean muscle/toning, athletic performance, fertility, prenatal & postpartum. 

Step 2 - Start Your Personalized Nutrition Program 


  • Goal-targeted macronutrient breakdown.
  • 4-week nutrition plan with custom meal timing, recipes, grocery lists. 
  • Custom supplement protocols developed based on your lab results.
  • Custom health & lifestyle interventions
  • Custom workouts/training protocols. 
  • Weekly 15-min check-in consultation.  

Step 3 - Nutrition Coaching & Accountability

During each 15-Min weekly check-in, we'll discuss your progress as well as new supplement protocols and/ or lifestyle interventions to help you achieve your health goals.

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